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GH2 HDMI lock and antitwist plate
  • I found this on Looks pretty solid. Maybe some of you could use one of these:

    Ebay Link:

    459 x 495 - 117K
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  • Is there other solution for the gh2 ? The first thing is that it should be shorter, to be able to have space to open the battery port. Another to screw and unscrew every-time you want to change a battery is a bit annoying. The second thing is that I think it would sell much more if the price was closer to $ 50 than $ 100. I just used my external monitor with the gh2 for two shoots and I can tell that it could be an essential accessories because the mini hdmi wont last long.

    if there us no solution like this one we should ask for a group buy or discount for personalview members.

  • You got a point there regarding swapping batteries. I never think about it, since I usually have a v-mount running my rig and the battery adapter comes out through the little hole on the side.

    In the short clip posted on the builder asks for input and ideas for improvement. Maybe yo can send him your thoughts...

    Personally, I am not interested in that plate, I just thought it might be interesting for some people on this forum.