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GH2 Making a weird sound.
  • I woke up this morning intending on doing a timelapse video and when i switch the GH2 it makes a weird electronic sound just when switching it on, that it did not make before!!! This prompted me to bring my ear to the camera and i now also ear a fan like sound that i hadn't noticed before!!! Not sure if this is normal as i never checked it before! I'm sending my cam to the panna repair center I'm still under warranty. As anyone sent their GH2 their and did it matter if it was hacked or not. Should i revert to the pana firmware? Any info on this would be much appreciated

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  • i have it ones, when the camera was in shutter-mode.
    it sounded if there was a rattlesnake in the camera.

  • My camera makes the "fan-like" noise - very quiet, but it's there all the time. I've always assumed they all make that noise - maybe I'm wrong?

  • Ive sent one of mine back to one of their service divisions in the past - do you really think theyre going to start looking into if its been hacked? No. Have they got the time? No. Would they understand? No. Do they care? Probably not...

  • For me it sounds like a blippy digital noise. Very brief. I've reset my cam and the sound is still present but quieter than before!!! First time i heard it, it was loud and clear. It seems to work as usual but have way of verifying that. And i wouldn't want it to crash on me on an important shoot or once the warranty runs out. Wish i had a way of checking before i send it to panny. A second cam would be awesome or a mate with a gh2 so i could compare sounds when powering up but that isn't the case :-(I really can't be fucked to send it for repair if there is nothing wrong with it more money down the drain having it sent and posted back. I do not need the GH2 right now but you never know when work is going to turn up. This fucking sucks dont know what to do

  • @Diffusion33 If youre totally unsure, just rename firmware v1.11 as 'GH2__V12.bin' and update firmware.

  • @driftwood thx man at least that's reassuring i don't want to fork out fork out money for a repair whilst i'm still under warranty. I'm going to send it asap and hope i get it back before the 18th :-)

  • Need more info for a diagnosis. What lens was used, was OIS on or off? Is problem still present with the lens unmounted (rule out body-specific problem)? A video demo with clear audio of the problem would be helpful too.

  • Hi @htinla the lensed use was the 14 to 140mm. It makes the electronic blippy sounds with or without the lens and with or without the O.I.S @cbranding suggested that "ultrasonic sensor vibrator is stuck on. Either that or the lens's stabilizer has gone nuts" either way i'm going to take nick's advice and rename the firmware and send it to panny. I booked a repair service and will be sending my camera tomorrow. I'll let you guys know what the issue was when i get updated from Panasonic. In the mean time I'm going to take my old Pentax and Nikon film camera and go shooting with these... Need to see if i can get access to my mates darkroom otherwise it will be way to pricey, Nick suggested it shouldn't take no more than 14 days for a repair until then i'm kinda stuck for video...

  • GH2 + Lumix 14-45, shutter priority mode, auto ISO, continuous AF, HBR30 Flow motion 2.02. This weird sound is not OIS (tried to switch ON/OFF). The sound gone after switching camera on/off. Luckily it happens only once (13 july) during weekly vacation. Camera is 1,5 year old and is used infrequently.

  • I just had this same weird electronic sound on power up of my GH2.

    Performing a sensor clean on the camera makes the exact sound.

  • To add to the above.

    With the kit 14-42mm, the lens makes a click every time you change the aperture.

  • So glad to hear about sounds, or should I say the "shake, rattle, and roll sounds" the GH2 can make. 3 other guys I know in Melbourne have rattles in their GH2's, not to mention audio glitches when switching recording on and off sometimes . Anyway my 3 rattles are, 1. The strap and lugs gave 2 distinct rattles. 2. the kit lens 14-42 rattles when turned greater than 90 degress. 3. The gh2 body rattles when the lense is removed and turned more than 90 degress. Not sure what other people have experienced, and not sure if other panasonic lenses do the same. I'm sure there is a reason. Cheers.

  • my gh2 makes a noticeable clunk sometimes when I turn it on. almost sounds like a canon when you flip the mirror out of the way for video. at least that's what I think the canon does when it makes that terrible clunking noise.