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explain this
  • Can anyone explain why this has had only 346 (as of today) hits????
    Can anyone let me know how Vimeo intends to build its audience if no-one views stuff?

    (PS: attached video contains scantily clad models and may or may not be Work Safe, but then again neither is P-V)

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  • Because you can't just magically get views. You've got to promote it hard. And If you're ready doing that then it's prob because the video is too PG-13. You've got to go NC-17 and show more tits and ass.
  • @KrisCanonizado thanks for the response- its not my vid- (wish it was though... or at least the camera work ;) )

    On a serious note- I understand you got to promote- suppose that TV Reigns Supreme...
  • I am in awe:) yes it truly is inexplicable. If this was on youtube it would have had 1 million views in a day. But I think with Vimeo it all boils down to the type of audience. Audience that consists largely of professionals of all sorts, amateurs, artists. but generally an entirely different audience with entirely different media consumption intention
  • It might be the search engine indexes better keywords for YouTube videos ... :-)
  • No, it's basically all luck. Allot of the stuff with a ton of views on Vimeo is mediocre or worse... and allot of the best stuff I've seen on Vimeo has barley 500 views. It all depends on weather or not the Vimeo staff picks it for the front page or not, or if someone with a popular blog promotes it on their site. That's really all it comes down to. I'm not going to name names here, but some of the popular "DSLR guys" are not very good... especially compared to allot of other people's the work on there. Yet everyone keeps feeding them comments of how "great" or "genius" their work is, even if it's just people starting into the middle of the frame with no camera movement at all. It's all about getting in "the loop". Films are all subjective and sometime real talent doesn't get it's justice.