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Rainbow -mm-48mm H6X8 C-Mount to GH2 (or Other Mcro 4/3) Lens for Sale
  • This is a brand new lens that I adapted to use with my Panasonic GH2.
    It is a non-destructive modification, unlike some that you may have seen on the web.
    In order for the C-Mount to M43 adapter to fit on this lens, some modifications, including removing a plastic housing were required.
    I have included more information, photos, and a video in my eBay listing.
    This is a great little lens that feels like a quality product in your hands. It's FAST at f1.0 and versatile.
    It requires the use of ETC Mode on the GH2, or similar functions on other cameras, or a teleconverter.
    Because I'm going to refer you to my eBay listing, if you have any questions, you can reach me through eBay and I'll respond to you.
    The "Buy it Now" price is $245 and the starting bid is $155.
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  • There have been bids, so the "But it Now" option is no longer available.

  • Sold - Thank You All for Your Support!

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