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GH-2 Workflow for slower PC's?
  • Hey!

    I was wondering what is the optimal hack/settings for GH-2 if I have a slower pc? I just finished editing for a DepicT film festival and the Full HD playback was slow when i started to tweak the videos.

    My pc specs: (general stuff) Amd phenom II 920 - 2.8 GHz 4 core 4870 radeon 8 GB ram DDR2

    What should I do? Should I shoot in 720p from now on? Should I use a diffrent workflow (now I just threw .H264 video in adobe premiere)? Is there a way I could encode videos to a diffrent codec before I edit (I know I will be loosing quality...). Are there any other tricks and tips in post, if so let me know please :)

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  • If I am Using a Slower Computer For Some Reason I normally use a proxy File which is a lower Res video File. Do a Search For Offline Editing it will help you understand what I am Talking About. In Final Cut Pro X you can just Select Proxy files for Slower Macs I am Sure it will be the Same for Pc's with Software like Premiere.

    You can also Reduce the Image Quality And Frame Rate for Playback depending on the Software you use.

  • You could recompress your raw footage to free Gopro Cineform Codec. It should decompress much faster than h264. I was able to cut full HD on a P4 years ago thanks to Cineform.

  • Thank you for your sugestions. I will try the Cineform Codec - how much detail do you actually loose? Btw if you use offline editing do color correction and other effect display on preview monitor?

  • I colour correct using blackmagic's Resolve lite which is free for pc and mac and you can use proxy files for colour correcting if needed. There is a tutorial all about using proxy's in resolve i will see if I can find it and post a link.

  • @Dreamcore As Promised I found the Video I was Talking About

  • I Suggest you to try EDIUS. EDIT ANYTHING even with medium PC

  • Do you know some free software with offline editing?

  • Was working hard on a project so couldn't respond fast. Thank for your suggestions I will try them out but as far as DaVinci goes, I think it has quite a steap learning curve, but might give it a shot one day.

  • @Dreamcore

    My pc specs: (general stuff) Amd phenom II 920 - 2.8 GHz 4 core 4870 radeon 8 GB ram DDR2

    And you call it a slow pc? :)

    As other suggested just use proxy mode or a different NLE. I use Edius and I'm able to edit and grade 1080p via Proxy and for some clips without proxy.

    An example?

    At home I have a powerful box but I had to edit this video while in vacation so I had with me just my old Thinkpad T60 laptop. I am speaking of a 2006 machine: Windows 7 32bit, 2 (two) GB of ram; an ancient ATI card with 128mb and a 60GB 5400 rpm disk.

    Once the proxy files are created you are set and you can switch between proxy and full res editing with a key press. While editing I was looking at the task manager: never went above 1,8 gb of used ram. It went like a breeze.


  • if your computer is slow there is something that damage your performance... anyway, Cineform (full not free) product allow me to edit full HD movie WITHOUT PROXY on an old notebook pentium 4 with 2 gb of ram... try it, and you not lose dectails, you save ALL dectails of avchd and works in larger color space.