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Unmanageable Complexity 3
  • Let's remind about core principles of new approach:

    • Stop wasting people's time
    • Stop wasting energy
    • Stop wasting money
    • Stop wasting resources

    It is very interesting that in nature, if you somehow managed to save resources and energy, it means only that either population will grow and new members will consume it all or your competition will do the same :-)

    So, any saving and optimisation has meaning only on big scale, as it either allows better distribution of resources, hence, improving average life level, or big community, who implemented saving, will grow, and will have more probability to push ideas and genetic material to competing systems.

    In currently working model due to cheap energy, resources and system flaws big margins became quite common.

    Open any IT oriented site. Almost all publications are about high marginal products - smartphones, tablets, top game PCs, software.

    Margins play role of penalty across all sectors of current system.

    • Huge farma corporations take amazing margins.
    • If you managed to work 12 hours a day and got good salary, you are fucked, as margin will eat most of your work, and it is called taxes :-)
    • If you invented some very complicated device requiring many engineers and many parts, same taxes and other margins will eat you.
    • Using your car to go from home to work and to the shop? Same shit. Most people do the same now. This thing is eating your money. And oil :-)
    • Changing your phone, PC, car or other stuff each year or two? Thing is not modern already? Same shit, guys.
    • Like having four food stores around you? Good for competition? May be, but margin will be more, as all this people and infrastructu comsume money, your money.

    What is wrong with it? All is wrong. High margins induce distortion, and lead to redistribution of real resources.
    Sometimes this redistribution can look strange, like your stuff going directly to dump sites :-)

    We'll continue with margins in series 4.