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Unmanageable Complexity: Sideline 1
  • Before Series 3, we'll start other big series of posts, titled Unmanageable Complexity: Sidelines

    Many of people still think what banks and derivatives are responsible for all problems.
    Some tell what this is globalization.
    Fewer guys think what this are political systems and corporations.

    Problem is, unmanageable complexity today is like cancer in terminal stage. It is present in most systems.

    Especially large hierarchical ones. In many of such systems around the world huge amount of people are doing nothing. Sorry, I am not correct here. Their sole goal consist of keeping this sick structures alive. Or, at least, make them look alive. Or do literally nothing and make it look like you are fighting for structure.
    Even more interesting is that many jobless with high benefits perform same function if you view some countries as similar system.
    How systems temporary solve this? They increase load, either on remaining good and qualified workers or some outsiders.
    So, all this people make life of other people worse. As I like to express it - they are increasing margins.

    Margins as a concept and possible solutions will be core of the Series 3 post.