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Hot/Stuck Pixels in RAW - solutions for GH2
  • I just noticed some Hot/stuck pixels on my GH2 in the raw photo format. Tried pixel refresh a few times, but it did nothing to remove them(btw, is this supposed to be something like pixel mapping on olympus cameras) Wonder if somebody can suggest some good programs and workflow(batch processing) to deal with the raw photos and remove the wrong pixels. Cleaning them manually is time consuming and thus not practical when many pictures are taken in raw format.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • @luxis

    As far as I understand is up to your software to remove hot pixels is raw.

    IF they are absent at camera jpeg it is all ok.

  • Vitaliy,thanks for you answer. No, they are not in the jpeg. For what I understand the camera takes care of them during the jpeg compression. The problem is that I have to edit a lot of them shot in raw format and neither PS nor LightRoom is taking care of this. Exporting to jpeg maintains them too. So i am "stuck" pixel now ; )

    I haven't use the raw for a while, the last time i don't remember seeing them so its something recent to the sensor. Wondering if its possible to be due to some micro particles stuck to the sensor, but in this case they should be much bigger and not colorful, just black spots at almost closed f stops?

  • @luxis

    I suggest to try any new software with guaranteed support for your camera raw.

  • I'll look into this. There was no software that came with the GH2 from Panasonic for mac OS. They don't use mac os in Japan :\

  • Did you try Aperture or just the Mac RAW support in iPhoto ?

  • Edit @luxis Sorry, i suggested Silkypix but just realised you have a Mac I think.

  • Thanks guys for your responses. Yes i am on mac and silky pictures won't do. I never use iPhoto Since i have both Lightroom3 and Photoshop but may give it a go. Just to clarify my issue. Both LR3 and PS import the files just fine (even preview and gimp do well to open them), the problem is that there is not automatic way to remove this ugly stuck pixels. It seems that LR2 used to remove them in automatic before. If i have to edit 5 - 10 pictures that's fine and i can do manual edits. But when we talk about hundred and more its just to0 slow and unpractical. And since these are stuck pixels for good i need to understand/create a batch process to deal with them for the future as well. Too bad my warranty expired two months ago. I could have send it back to Panasonic to remap them. Which of course doesn't mean they won't come back, for what i understand it is natural for all sensors to have these issues either from beginning or later on.

  • @luxis You've probably been around this loop already, but astrophotographers have to deal with these issues and do it by taking a dark frame and subtracting it from each image to get rid of stuff like hot pixels. Don't know if that's any use, or if that would work in RAW though. I bet it's an issue someone from that field would have tackled...

  • You could record an action in PS, then apply it all pictures. Just as cheap workaround. ;)

  • hm...what about combining both ideas and we might just have a solution ; ) let see if it works. many thnks!

  • If you got real stuck pixels and not just different sensitivity per pixel in bulb mode, simply substracting dark frame will result in black spots. Stamping a pixel right next to the stuck one might give better result.