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Can't convert the Sedna video
  • Help im using Sedna patch in my GH2 PLAY BACK THE mst files strait from the card “sandisck 64g 95mbp” not a problem but, my problem is im trying to convert the file to MP4`s as I edit in Avid studio and that’s what works best or at least that’s what I have been doing in the past! ,I have tried to convert the file using Wondershare video converter ultimate but its not converting correctly for some reason I only get sound and the first frame, any suggestions on what’s the best way to getting the right conversation ? what do you guys use ????

    as every time I use Wondershare the file converted will not play in QuickTime


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  • Next time I'll be just deleting topics with many !!! and various emotional stuff.

  • is this not the right place to ask for help...?

  • is this not the right place to ask for help...?

    If you are asking for help, do it gently.

  • Yes im asking for help....My conversion seem to crash and i cant play back the file. I love the patch its try a few more but this is the best so far and if i can convert the files easily i would have this one on my camera for most situations ... im sorry im new to this Gh2 i have a canon 5d 2 but friends told me to get a GH2 and thats how i heard of you and mike driftwood ....thanks for all the great work btw... i have been telling all my friends about you guys and the work you do....

  • @Paulsoso

    OK. Now calm down. Start writing normally, without !!!, ???, or ...

  • Sedna A at its highest quality setting i need to know how to convert to mp4 so i can edit. my converter cant deal with the new format that sedna converts to .

  • @Paulsoso Stay calm. Don't use that package to convert. Use either Clipwrap or 5D2RGB (Google them) The people who write those programs have spent time developing them with the GH2 in mind of course along with other cameras.

    BTW: First thing, copy the entire PRIVATE folder from your card to your hard disk so you have a backup and can use this as a quicker read source for transcode.

    Then simply drag the entire private folder into a Clipwrap window and convert to rewrap or prores - your choice of flavour - LT/HQ, etc... Or, if you have or can get hold of a copy of Premier Pro - you can import the mts files directly into the NLE and work with them in their raw form or transcode ready for AVID as No_SuRReNDeR suggests below.

    Hope that helps.

  • Why on earth would you be editing in an Mp4 container?.. Convert or Reencode them to DNxHD files in an MOV container if you are editing in Avid. If you are on a MAC use 5dtoRgb(free download search apple website) and create Prores 444 Quicktimes.

    Trust in Driftwood...he knows his stuff.

    Mp4 is a deliver format your taking a huge loss if you go there before you edit.

  • Thanks going to try the clipwrap ill keep you posted.

  • im on a PC...sorry guys newbie here to the editing game... im trying to hit the floor running and end up confused

  • @Paulsoso No worries Paul :-) Excited to see some of your moving visuals! Excellent photographer.

  • Thats the thing mike i cant wait to put together some cool funky shorts if you know any actors and writers hell i want to collaborate with anyone that loves film... you guys have given me the means do step up my game...i get excited about good images ... and when i was told about the patches that,even before i tried the camera i bought first test more to come ....

  • @Paulsoso

    Good advice - use full youtube URL.

  • @Paulsoso

    Good advice - make separate topic in Showcase category for videos.