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Max bitrate less than 14.8mbps for GH1 hack
  • hey all, I just got myself a GH1 from B&Hphoto and have been attempting to hack it. I have been trying to use the 75mbps 50p reliability patch and it all seems to load up fine. The Pal hack works a treat and the camera is registering the different formats and framerates at FHD and SH. However after shooting in a range of lighting conditions today I have found that my datarate for my clips never goes above 14.8mbps. I realize that to get the full 75mbps you need good lighting and exposure but it seems like my camera wont push above the 15mbps mark...any help would be great.

    Thank you
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  • Shoot trees/gardens at f16-f22, you should see it going up
  • Check that your shutter is not lower than your frame rate or you will be restricted to low data rates.
  • Thanks guys...ill do some tests soon and get back to you all!
  • I'm having the same problem, did you fix it?