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The Final Dance - Touches of Color (2012) - GH2 short film
  • Hi people,

    I wanted to share this film with you to get some real critics from you. I'm active on a Swedish forum already and usually put my films over there to get some feedback but I wanted to hear your opinions as well.

    The film is a school project I had, and I wanted to make a short film where I could really show my color grading. So even though I directed, edited and made the vfx in this video, I did it almost only to show my grading skills to then have something to show post companies as a portfolio after my graduation, which was a few weeks ago.

    What do you think is good, what can I've been doing better?

    I was using GH2, Orion v4b, Nostalgic (-2-2-2-2). Lens was Samyang 35mm 1.4.

    Software used was After Effects CS5.5, Premiere Pro CS5.5, Twixtor, DaVinci Resolve. Converted all my files to Cineform .MOV before editing.

    1920 x 816 - 794K
    1920 x 816 - 707K
    1920 x 816 - 926K
    1920 x 816 - 1M
    1920 x 816 - 1M
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  • I believe I saw some of this before.

    May be in your blog. Do you have one?

  • Yeah I have a blog as well.

    Do you visit my blog? :o If so, that's an honor!

  • @davidhjlindberg

    I believe that thing I looked at was related to DaVinci.

    Do you have some time to add some value to ?

  • I don't know so much about the tech, but I do have some tutorials and courses on my site:!DaVinci Resolve|c1w77

    Hope it can be helpful!

  • @davidhjlindberg

    Yep, I mean exactly this.

    Can you add tutorials to wiki page and add some small text?

    I think it could be useful for all.

  • @davidhjlindberg When you say you converted to cineform before editing that means you converted them before they even touched premiere or after effects right.

  • Wow, very impressive. Amazing what you did with that GH2.

  • @DeShonDixon yeah, I converted them before putting it inside Premiere. @kingmixer Thank you!

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