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EU: Iveco
  • Fiat – Chrysler alliance an important figure in Iveco Global CEO David Taylor Irvine (Altavilla Alfredo) on Sunday announced that Fiat industry’s truck business Iveco will be closed before the end of 2012 in three European countries, five truck plant designed to further adjust the production schedule and scale of the company’s trucks in the European region continue to decline in truck sales.

    Yesterday spokesperson of Fiat Industrial, Alfredo Altavilla, explained why several production facilities of Iveco (5 in total) will be closed. The presentation of the new Iveco Stralis at Fiat Industrial Village was after all not only good news, since 1075 people will lose their job. The recently announced expansion of production in Spain, where current production of Madrid and Valladolid will be expanded, can be linked back to the closing of the factories in France (Chamberry), Germany (Weiswell and Ulm, Ulm will keep the assembly of firetrucks) and Austria (Graz and Görlitz).

    Btw, this promized 1200 jobs in Spain is just announced expectation (without any signed things yet) that could happen in about 4 years.

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  • I read that too. Sales rates went down worldwide 17.8 per cent , in Western Europe 26 per cent due to financial crisis they say. (btw Görlitz is Germany not Austria)

  • @subco


    In Russia we have saying: "We've hit the bottom, but suddenly someone knocked from below" :-)