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PTool Firmware compatability with Olympus macro lens?
  • I'm currently using my GH2 with an Olympus 35mm macro lens connected with the DMW-MA1 adapter. However, compatability only came with Firmware 1.2 update. (Otherwise can't use lens at all!) I'm concerned that in installing PTool (which I would really like to do), I will lose my lens compatability - and can I backtrack to V1.2 if so? p.s. Olympus lens focus is accurate, but atrociously slow and illogical. Lens messes around for a few seconds before finding focus. I have to press trigger button three times to get it to macro range as it jumps about a third closer with each press, and then goes hunting for focus in the long end. *Sigh (Hopefully this is in the right topic category this time)

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