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Sony NP-Fxxx batteries topic
  • Just got two of the 312 LED lights and love them! Used them for just over two hours and they did not quit, though pressed the 'T' button on the back afterwards and battery level indicator did not light up any of the 4 or 5 level lights, indicating the batteries were nearly fully discharged. Looking to get some of the larger NP-F970 or similar batteries (6600 mAh+/-) and see some on ebay for $17 shipped and some for $150. Most are around $25-$35. Can anyone give some feedback about what has worked for them?

    I looked through the current threads and did not see much info about this. If I missed it, can someone please point me in that direction and then Vitaliy can close this thread.

    Edit: Also, do you need to have matching capacity batteries on these 312 LED lights? And do the two batteries run in a series or in parallel - essentially do they increase the voltage by having two, or simply extend the run time?


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  • I am shure no one banned you on ebay.

    Just look for F950, F970. I really recommend F750, as it much more appropriate and not so huge. Just get any from normal large seller.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - Yes was looking on ebay.. just thought someone maybe had a specific seller from ebay that they bought batteries from that they are happy with, since it's kind of hit or miss.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the F750s. Once I pick some up, I'll report back here to share my findings.

  • Awaiting for your feedback. I just want to know whether the f750 battery is avaliable for 312 led light.

  • Do these extra large batteries work in the Amaran 198 lights?

  • The one I bought from an ebay shop in NJ came damaged. They refunded me right away. The other items I ordered form the store were fine. Have yet to order any others.

  • I need to buy a couple of F950/F970 and two F750. There is plenty of them on ebay (germany). Any hints which ones are best? (I don't want to buy original Sony, its just to expensive for me.)

  • Hi I bought one of the Feelworld Monitors and it included the F970 battery clone and portable charger. But the battery is no good, once the F970 battery ran out of charge, I could not re charge it. The little re charger "F970 Battery Charger for DSLR Monitor (For Traveling)" does not appear to work at all. As soon you plug the battery in the charger the little light goes green on the charger ... even before you plug the charger into the mains. Then I leave the charger plugged into the mains and charging the battery for 24 hours and the green light never goes off. Then when I connect the F970 battery to the monitor it cuts out after about 4 seconds, but if I connect the monitor to the mains again (bypassing) the battery, it works fine. Has anyone here got any suggestions? It seems the battery or the charger is no good...not sure which. I am writing to the seller as well.. But I am just wondering tho if anyone has had any similar experiences with these batteries and chargers? Cheers Astro

  • I did not test them but try to find a Lenmar LIS970 replacement. This should work OK and has a working chip.

  • @Astro I'm having the exact same problem. I have the Lilliput 5D-II monitor, and the same thing is happening to me with the F970 and charger.

  • @astro

    My F970 has done the same thing. plugged in never charge continuous green light. but my F750's charge fine. i suspect dead battery or something has let go internally in the battery itself. have yet to try a new charger

  • Cheap F970 batteries can be quite funny inside, you can try to disassembly yours. Sometimes chinese put metal bolts inside :-) and small F550 like battery.

  • My knockoffs work great but take forever to charge on the charger that came with my CineGear GH2 power solution. The supposed 'original' that came with also looks like the Amazon knockoffs. Never turn my Gh2 off and never run out of power on a little LED light, but I do wish there was a speedcharger or something I could easily get my hands on. (In Panama.)

  • Thanks kellar42 for the information! I have the same chinese cinegearpro's charger but take forever to charge too..., could you tell me how many hours it takes to fully charge the battery F970?

    Thanks a lot!

  • I find this

    This profesional Sony Charger takes 250min/310min full ( 5h15m! ) for one F970 battery! I think with this chinese chargers it will takes 2x 3x times more?!

  • Thanks @polarko good to know that's out there if I ever need to do two at once and more quickly, though it's a bit pricey. My charger is definitely about three times as long, but again, I've never had one run out of juice so it's working for me, for now.

  • Some of the batteries have surprises:


    604 x 451 - 62K
  • I just had one of the Neweer NP-F730 completely go dead and not charge. Guess it's the price to pay for a $17 knock off instead of the original. My other 8 Neweer ones are fine though. Actually dropped one and it broke in 3 pieces. Gaff taped it back together and it's just fine.

  • does somebody know how many Amps I can connect simultaneosly ?

  • @astro

    I have several different F batteries from ebay and also many chargers. Thing is some of the batteries can only be charged with certain one of the chargers when they are fully depleted.

    I guess this could be due to the fact that some batteties allow the voltage to drop too low so that some of the chargers see them as "dead".

    So maybe your battery and charger are both ok but just not fully "compatible" with each other.

  • What battery brands are recommended? What about quenox, maximalpower and mtec?

  • I use PATONA Premium NP-F970 batteries (7800mah). Not the cheapest ones - But quite nice.
    (I use two of them since a year now. No problems til now and nice running times.)