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Custom picture profiles question
  • Just looking for information, from anyone who has been working on a hack to get at the picture profiles (smooth, cinema, etc.) to try and get something FLATTER like a technicolor cinestyle preset on canon, or even like the Cine-D setting on the AF100. I'd love to see a flat setting like that. Had a rough shoot this past weekend near sunset, just a lot of shadows mixed with a lot of highlights, and im sure a lot of others have had similar issues. I used to own an AF100 and the only two things I miss are the 1080p variable frame-rates and the flat cinema-D look.

    If anyone has any new info on this feel free to comment. I'd love to see this get done as the next frontier of the hack. I just don't know if its possible or if anyone is even working on it...

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    I already said that it'll be top priority after manual modes.
    But it is easy to say, and hard to do :-)

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