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MTS File Corruption help
  • Hey! So I just got home from a shoot and I imported my mts footage onto my computer. But for some reason one of the mts files would not copy successfully onto my hard drive and seems to be corrupted. The thing is, its a random clip from the middle of my film footage. I've tried the AVCHD File Recover program from panasonic, tsmuxer, and FameRing, even used clipwrap on my mac laptop yet nothing worked. I was using Sedna AQ1 firmware on a 32gb SanDisk extreme pro 95/mb. The file is pretty large about 2.36 GB. Does anyone have any recommendations for a method to fix the file? I can preview the first 20 seconds of the clip than the viewer freezes and I have to force quit it. This happens on my pc workstation as well as my macbook laptop. This footage was a pivotal scene :( feel very stupid for not cutting between takes.

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  • If it plays in the camera, then maybe connect the camera via its USB cable to the pc to transfer the file. This worked for me once when I had a problem similar to yours... Al

  • It plays the first 10 seconds on the camera, then stops, but i found that if i fast forward a good amount the rest of the footage plays, so I think I just need to cut the first 45 seconds of the footage, can this be done in tsMuxer or a similar program? Thanks for the quick reply!

  • This happened to me 3 weeks ago. I was shooting 3D stereo using two Lumix GH-2s. One of the cameras had a bad sector in the middle of one of the files. I tried using several programs that claim to rescue bad sectors but none of them worked. However, when I inserted the SD card in a Windows box, Windows asked me if it should attempt to fix the problem on the card (I had already copied all the other files off the card). I said yes and it managed to, at least, recover the file up to the bad point, and then knock out the remainder. I could then copy the file to the hard drive and this was good enough for my purposes. I ended up reformatting the SD card and have not had any additional problems sense then.