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US: Fighters for peace
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    I have spoken about the crisis embracing all branches of production. There is one branch, however, has not been affected by the crisis. That branch is the armament industry. It is growing continuously, not-withstanding the crisis. The states are furiously arming and rearming. What for? Not for friendly chats, of course, but for war. And they need war, for it is the only means by which to redivide the world, to redivide markets, sources of raw materials and spheres for the investments.

    It is quite understandable that in this situation so-called pacifism is living its last days, that the UN is rotting alive, that "disarmament schemes" come to nothing, while conferences for the reduction of naval armaments become transformed into conferences for renewing and enlarging navies.

    This means that the danger of war will grow at an accelerated pace.

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