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Dust and specks inside new lens???
  • I received a supposingly brand new lens today and noticed there is quite some dust inside it. Besides that, I believe there are tiny specks as well on the second glass element from the back. I know dust gets into the lens after some time, but I wasn't expecting this with a brand new lens, that cost my company quite some money.

    I haven't seen any problems on the footage so far, but it just doesn't feel right.

    Should I return it?

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  • I’d contact the seller first and arrange a return/replacement (that is, if the lens is critical for your production).

  • @Mr_Moore. Thanks for the advice. I am actually in touch with the seller/producer now. Have you had any experience with dust inside brand ne lenses? To be honest, I never really cared and just shot (and never saw problems) with new lenses, but with this one I was really looking at every detail because it cost me/my company more than usual.

  • It's going to get dust in it anyway once you start using it. You'd never notice or care about the dust if you didn't go looking for it.

  • Yeah, it might be a completely psychological thing. Today, after having tested the lens a bit more, I am much calmer. Still, I'd preferred a "clean" lens out of the box.

  • No, never saw dust in brand new lenses. Then again, I’ve had only a few. Most of my lenses are vintage (30 years old, or older).