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Review of world energy
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  • Sounds like ,soon a "Coup d'état in Venezuela"

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  • 53 years before we run out of oil.

  • 53 years before we run out of oil.

    Do not worry, it is not 53 years, much smaller. As very big amount of reserves exist only on paper and other big part have return < 1 (needs more energy spent than you will get).

    Right now we can see how democracy(tm) countries occupy energy regions as otherwise they will be unable to get this energy.

  • yep. the 'peak oil' (the point at which the world’s oil supplies go into irreversible decline) debate is rambling for some time now.

    'Some geologists argue that peak oil is either very close or has passed, and the world will never again be able to produce the 83m barrels per day that flowed in 2008.

    They are exasperated by what they see as the complacency of policymakers and analysts, particularly the International Energy Agency, which last month predicted that oil production could reach 103m barrels per day by 2030.'

    'Masdar City', 30km from Abu Dhabi, seems like a project to prepare for the time after oil and gas, being an all rewenable energy city.

  • It's not obvious for everyone but to pump oil you need oil and soon, pretty soon you will spend more than one litre of oil to extract one litre ^^,i assume most of you know how to hunt with a bow ! :p

  • Not only oil, but in the example of the canadian tar sands, i heard that they need 2 barrels of natural gas to produce the energy necessary to separate one barrel of oil from the sand.. (oil which still needs to be refined after that).

  • Each liquid "barrel" of natural gas contains 2.65 GJ. Each GJ of natural gas in North America costs $2 (thank you horizontal drilling / fracturing). If it takes 2 "barrels" of natural gas to produce a barrel of oil, then:

    $2/GJ x 2.65GJ/bbl x 2bbl/bbl = $10.60 per barrel of oil

    Current oil prices are > $80/bbl in North America and $100/bbl in Asia / Europe.

    Those economics expalin why a welder makes $200,000 per year working in the "tar" sands and people are coming from all over the world to live in a wasteland that is -40 in the winter and full of bugs in the summer. Not for me thanks. I wouldn't go for less than $500,000.