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MTS -to- Mov re-wrapper - FOR PC/WINDOWS?
  • I'm a Mac guy, but will be in the Amazon with a PC laptop.

    What are recommended re-wrappers for PC? Any good ones for free or at least a 30 day trial?

    Thanks! R.

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  • Hi Subco, Thanks for the quick reply! You know, I'm pretty much of a... dork. Very unfamiliar with commands and that procedure. And no time to learn and confirm my ability before leaving.

    Can you recommend something that has a simple interface?

    Thanks, R.

  • Please describe why do you feel you need to re-wrap mts files. Most pc editors support mts files, so no need to re-wrap. Windows media player plays mts files, so no need to re-wrap to display them. You can upload mts files to vimeo, so no need to re-wrap... Al

  • I typically (on Mac) use ClipWrap either direct to ProRes 422 or a simple re-wrap then use MPEG Streamclip.

    ***While on the trip I'll only need playback (and will bring the .MTS back to my Mac for editing on FCP.)

    I just tested the laptop with an .MTS file and it does not recognize it. It will play the re-wrapped .mov (done on my Mac with ClipWrap).

    So, I think I need something simple, like a PC version of ClipWrap...?


  • you don't need mov for PC. Download gopro cineform studio to get the codec and then use adobe media encoder to transcode to high quality AVI

  • Thank you much, subco and other friends here. I'll use one of those. Will also check out the FFmbc guide. (we Mac people can live sheltered lives...)

    Take care, R.

  • This might be helpful to batch convert/rewrap:

    You can create your own presets, once done you just need to drag files into the GUI. I would anyways give Premiere CS 5.5/6 a try.

  • @subco Do you know by chance if the dnxhd conversion mode is 8 or 10 bit?

  • Interesting, if anyone makes thus work on a PC please report back. I want to try SpeedGrade and Resolve, but neither support MTS. but will import .mov. I don't really want to transcode and store dupe files just to play with. I've wanted a simple rewrapper so I can get resolve/speedgrade to import. Thanks.