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Conforming MJPEGs to 25p with Cinema Tools produces files that FCP won't import. Any other workflow?
  • Sorry if this has already been answered, I've been searching the forum but so far without finding a solution.

    I'm trying to get MJPEGs from the GH2 to play at 25 (or 24) fps for a slight slow-motion effect. However when I conform the clips with Cinema Tools, the resulting files cannot be imported in FCP, as I get the error "File Error: Unknown File".

    Does anyone know what the problem is or could help me out with an alternative workflow to get FCP to playback the MJPEGs at 24 or 25fps?

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  • Found an alternative workflow so I'll post it here for anyone with the same problem: In my case it worked when I first imported the MJPEGs to FCP then exported from FCP as ProRes 444. The resulting ProRes files I could then conform via Cinema Tools and reimport in FCP. Obviously pitch shift needs to be corrected (for example using AUShift filter in the Apple Tab of the Audio Filters - results are ok, but not perfect), but the files play back fine at 24p or 25p or whatever you choose.