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Free Urban/Industrial Textures in 16MP RAW
  • I spent a bit of time photographing some textures and wanna share them. They're neither professionally recorded nor digitally further processed. So most of the stuff comes straight out of the camera. That's why I'm offering this both as JPG and RAW. Feel free to share it.

    Below you can find some scaled down example shots of what you can expect from this collection:

    image image image image image

    You will find all textures on this website:

    There even is a full archive for you to download (2GB!!).

    I'm sure some of you here could find a good use for these :)

    475 x 317 - 30K
    475 x 317 - 42K
    475 x 317 - 35K
    475 x 317 - 20K
    475 x 317 - 34K
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  • Thanks @Pechente I was just thinking about finding some nice textures last week for greenscreen tests. Superb!