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GH2 Hack - Settings - Noise
  • After reading for a couple of days, this newbie is starting to get the picture, but I need your guidance.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me that the following may be true:

    • Ptool is an application that allows access to GH2 settings that are normally hidden from the everyday user. It changes the firmware as far as those setting are concerned, but does nothing to change the inner code of the firmware.

    • Patches are just like custom presets that you might save in a compression program or your NLE. It is just a collection of your favorite settings... am I right?

    • Ptool allows you to make those aforementioned changes and save them to a file, which is then called a patch (like a custom preset). Ptool also lets you prepare a SD card with your "patched" firmware to be applied to the camera.

    • Driftwood, Flow Motion, and the like are just these saved files, much like a preset that can be shared and loaded into your NLE system.

    • Using Ptool, you can make your own patch... true?

    • If you can use Ptool to make your own patch, you can share it much like Driftwood, etc... right?

    • If that is all true, Ptool has a function to save your patch for sharing and later use... correct?

    Either I finally got it, or I took the wrong train and am heading to territories unknown...

    Which is it? :-)

    All guidance is Truly Appreciated!


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