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GH2 Centre Of Lens To Base Dimensions
  • Does anyone know if there is a standardised distance between the centre of the sensor/lens and camera base between the Panasonic GH2 and other DSLR's such as Nikon D800, 5D, 60D and other MFT cameras, to allow a baseplate to be more universal to achieve the industry 85mm rod distance. I measured the GH2 to be 35mm. What are the others?

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  • to allow a baseplate to be more universal to achieve the industry 85mm rod distance.

    Just get adjustable good base, they are cheap, really.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, i'm thinking of making them to be bolted on to the bottom of the cage. If 35mm is the standard it would be interesting to know. I do agree if i was going to buy only the baseplate that would make sense.

  • The Redrock Micro dslr mount appears to be about 42.5mm(not precise) from rod center to baseplate top, if that helps.

    I think this is the reason why mattebox design allows vertical adjustment to accommodate cameras with variances in their optical centers.

  • Have a read of this ..

    As Vitaliy said .. get adjustable baseplate .. ot non adjustable DSLR (canon) baseplate (more compact on the rods) and get a spacer machined .. $15 bucks and a couple of beers .. friday arvo at a machine shop.

  • @kavadni

    Thanks for the link to the PDF

  • @muntus thanks

    @kavadni thank you, thats a good link to explain the 85mm standard, Do you have a pic of the spacer idea?

    I've taken a picture of my GH2 and GF1 with a ruler showing the rough lens centre is 35mm on both, i know that the lens optical centre is something else but i'm just interested in the physical distance within 1mm tolerance (i know its not too scientific but interesting to know )

    Now are all MFT camera' the same 35mm? My interest is GH1 GF2/3, Olympus OM D M5, the cage i'm designing so far should physically fit all these cameras, that is why this standard dimension is fairly important.

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate anyone able to measure their cameras, especially the Olumpus

    GH2 Dimensions.jpg
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    GF1 Dimensions.jpg
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  • @JakeF .. I have invested in the Lanparte Rig .. I purchased most of it here thanks to @vitaliy, and sourced some parts not available through here from Lanparte resellers.

    The first picture is the height adjustable Lanparte baseplates. This plate lets me get any camera centred in the matte box. While it's great for an FS100/AF100 it's rediculously long for a DSLR or GH2. .. If I position GH2 at rear of plate .. follow focus doesn't fit .. if I position forward .. it's not close to my shoulder where I prefer it.

    I have ordered the next picture .. it's not height adjustable .. it's rather useless if you want to centre any camera in the mattebox .. I haven't checked if it's measurements are even Canon purposed .. it won't put either a BMDCC or a GH2 in the center.

    The third image should make it obvious what my intention is .. am going to get two pieces of metal machined up with four holes, dimensioned to position the lens at matte box centre.

    I haven't bothered to work out what height it needs to be. I'll wait until it arrives.

    An alternative would be a flat piece of metal between camera and base plate .. longer bolt required then .. I am doing as I first described to keep the pro look of my lanparte rig

    Hope that helps.

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