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Energy per capita
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    Chart represents one of the theories predicting big problems with energy :-)

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  • Interesting sites. But what do you do to decrease consumption? Because obviously with finite resources, there isn't an alternative. I imagine the people at the top of the energy consumption list (the west) will want to stay there. Partly it is human nature that we hate losing things we've got used to having. Also in those places where the infrastructure arose at a time of cheap energy or industrial progress (most places) then it will have influenced everything about the design and layout of the place and therefore how people there live their lives - which makes it very difficult to do things differently. For example, the US grew up around the car and how do you adjust to not having them? I used to live in a place that was largely built in the 1800s and therefore designed at a time when people walked, or used horses, and you can imagine that working again there when the oil runs out. But for many people the scarcity of energy (or rather, the increasing cost of it) will be painful.

  • Most Americans drive huge cars and pickups. Ride a f'ing bike!

  • I know - I don't have any sympathy for wasteful habits. People have a choice to reduce their use of energy in whatever way makes sense. Plus while it seems like little things won't make a difference I reckon they do, if enough people do them. Easy for me to say, though, as I live in a small town in England and walk most places if I can. But hey, boring though that sounds, I guess I'm offsetting someone's greedy energy habits somewhere else in the world!!

  • I am somewhat suprised that nobody seems to be taking the reigns on this.. The longer we leave the reduction in energy use the more pain we will suffer in the long term. Most understand that something has got to give... but carry on regardless! I know that any moves that I make to reduce my footprint won't necessarily be enough to balance another oil guzzling individual somewhere else on the planet, but what it will do, is to reduce my costs, get me fitter and make things less difficult for me, when we don't have any options left but to change. It is hard to be optimistic in such times.. but maybe optimism is the only way to move forward and change for the better?

  • @matthere The issue is hyper politicized in the US. Much of the political class is owned by Big Energy and we have masses of people that deny science. They put their faith in Jesus! Amen.

  • I see nothing short of a revolution and stripping down of those currently in power can change this. Either that or wiping out 99% of the population. We whom are the "takers" must be made extinct, hopefully there will be enough of the world left to support the "leavers"

  • All this talks about energy saving have two targets.
    For developed countries who consume big amount of energy they are required as one of the media covers during middle class elimination. After this, energy savings will become big and real, but not in the media advertised forms.
    For developing countries, tales of renewable energy, energy saving, mostly play role preventing developing, as any real one requires very big energy consumption rise.

    I really suggest to check PDF at previous post: