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New GH2 body will not recognize hacked firmware?
  • I am sorry if this issue comes up often, but I have exhausted my searches through past posts and cannot find a solution. As a former owner of a GH1 that I have installed several hacks, I am frustrated with my new GH2 (came preloaded with ver. 1.1 factory firmware). It simply will not recognize a hacked firmware loaded on any of my cards. I am using the latest version of ptool, saving my file as GH2_V12.bin in the root of an in-camera formatted card. Nothing works.

    I did read in the FAQ that perhaps I need to do with the version increment number, however I am reluctant to do that since the latest version of ptool says "1" should be selected, I am not sure if I should alter that field?

    Thanks for any help!

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