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I have questions
  • Hi, This is my first post here. I am new to the GH2 hacking. I have few questions. I was wondering if you guys can help me out.

    1. Which hack would be best for a project? (Big Project, I am really interested about driftwood hack)
    2. How to hack it properly? ( I have got few link but if you could tell me more)
    3. What is GOP? (Details)
    4. What memory card should I use for a high bitrate? (like for 176mbps)
    5. What sort of camera setting should I use to get the optimum result for post?
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  • @rayhanur_kabir_cx34 There's a question where I come from that's guaranteed to start a fight. "What's the best rifle for Deer Hunting".

    You're asking the same thing. There is no perfect setting. The hack is easy but patches and settings are what you're really asking about.

    It depends on what you're shooting, the lighting you have, the card you're using, is it something that can be shot again, does it involve a lot of pans, is there a lot of motion, will you be color grading, will it be mostly landscape or will there be closeups of faces.....on and on.

    If you narrow down what you're doing, we can suggest something.

  • @rayhanur_kabir_cx34

    Start by watching this video. Try the no adverse affects settings. Then find out what works and doesn't work for you and move on to different settings if necessary.

  • "There's a question where I come from that's guaranteed to start a fight. "What's the best rifle for Deer Hunting".

    haha well said :-)

    Well, first of all I need to know does 176mbps hack has advantage over other hack.

    Could you give me the direct link for the driftwood hack ptool and other stuff.

    Can I use Eos 88mbps setting in driftwood hack and vice versa

    Can I use different setting in a hack like 'in one option 176mbps in another one 110 mbps'?

    And what is gop actually?(gop 1 gop3 etc)

    thanks for the replay though.

  • @mpgxsvcd & @peternap

    Thanks for both of your help. Now I got it.

    anyway I am using this setting for few test

    Video Bitrate 24H=176000000 Video Bitrate 24L=156000000 Video Bitrate FSH/SH=50000000 Video Bitrate FH/H=35000000

    But one problem how can I activate 1280 ISO... could you help?

  • @rayhanur_kabir_cx34

    You just registered and started with anourmous activity

    Use topic below and stop behave like moderator.

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