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Best Softbox Lighting Solution?
  • Hi,

    I am currently searching for an affordable lighting set-up as I'm going to do more interview stuff etc. in future.

    The only thing I am sure about is that i want softboxes as light-modifiers, but what kind of light sources should I use? There are so much options. Halogen - Fluorescent - HMI - LED... As far as I am concerned, LED is the new trend in terms of lighting, but whats the reason for? Low energy, portable? Do I need a softbox in use with a LED for example?

    I have a budget of approximately 100-350USD.

    As a hair light, i'm going to use a 150w or 300w PRO As ARRI Fresnel. (

    Thanks a lot!

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  • LED and CFL make a nice soft light and are already quite diffused. A real weakness of those are the short throw they have, light intensity loses very quickly the further the subject is away from it and they're not very directional. HMIs are out of your budget anyway, the Arri fresnel will be tungsten balanced, you'll need to use gels when mixing it with LEDs which usually are daylight balanced.