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Stop the presses! GH2 next to Sony F65
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  • Nice post I'm pretty sure that now most people know the GH2 to be king but just denying it. The GH2 will soon shine..

  • Well, now it's official :) I actually was so impressed with GH2, I own two of them. The only impediment is, there's no legible, centralized directory of the hacks, and there are no serious reviews of the hacks. So we are on our own, each person basically blindly trying out some hacks and making arbitrary opinions. Would be rather better to have some sort of Hackthority, you know :)

  • I´ve just read it minute ago:). My very favourite website... Long live the GH2 a death to overpriced underdone monsters...

  • @mo7ies Very true... It would be lovely! Comparsions are very welcome.

  • GH2 owners are smart people :) One DSLR (minus R) to rule them all!

  • @mo7ies @jleo you are definitely right about the hacks, and yes we are very smart people I currently own two GH2's as well. A year ago I owned two canon t2i's right after seeing footage from the GH2 I sold both of them , and bought my first GH2... I never looked back since.

  • Sorry, but this is getting silly. I saw the test, and like any test, it had it limits. What did it prove, exactly as advertised by Zacuto, is that cameras can have significantly different capabilities, but that most audiences either don't register those difference or that a typical TV-style dramatic setup (like the one in the test) doesn't require a hell of a lot of camera power to get across its content in a way satisfying to audiences. Absent obvious defects, such as low resolution which calls attention to itself (for example, iphone4 and the Canon 7D) the non-specialist is going to have a hard time distinguishing one camera from another, in real-time.

    As for preferences, the guy next to me couldn't identify the iphone4 footage when it was screened unlabeled, and he probably wasn't the only one. Besides, the voting was for footage that was lit and graded by each team, not for the series of tests using the lighting and grading specified by Zacuto and its DP. The audience was voting as much for the lighting and grading as for the cameras.

  • Well I haven't seen these comparisons personally, but I know what I see with my own eyes with GH2, and it is just brilliant. The camera delivers crazy resolution and a very very pleasant image, which can be very cinematic with the right lens.

  • @mo7ies

    I have a GH2 as well, and did see the comparisons, and I can tell you, without hesitation, that given the choice, I'd shoot with an Alexa, a Sony F65, a Red Epic, C300 or an F3 first. FS100 might need some more testing, but I think it also won out. This is hardly unexpected, given the differences in price.

    This isn't to say you can't or shouldn't shoot with a GH2. This test proves it's capable of delivering an image which can hold up on a large screen. But so can cameras inferior to the GH2. Note, for example, that the most successful indie film of recent years -- at least in terms of career advancement -- was shot on a Canon 7D.

  • @jrd

    I think you are missing the point here. GH2, a $700 camera, holds its own next to the big boys. No-one says you should ditch Alexa and shoot everything on GH2, given that you have access to Alexa. The point is, GH2 comes close to the IQ of those other top-notch, expensive cameras. Which is absolutely incredible, given the price point and the original premise of this tiny Panny cam.

  • @mo7ies

    And the iphone4 also came close, for some audience members. So close, they couldn't identify it. This is what happens when the same level of production value is available to all the cameras.

  • What jrd said. And these are professionals. Granted, the real pixel peepers could tell from what I gathered. But the rest couldn't really tell major differences.

    I haven't seen it. But it seems that everyone talking about it that has came away with the Same experience.

  • Getting tired of Gh2 comparisons....

  • We have topic about Zacuto shootout.

    Use it, please.

    So, closed.

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