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Good Deals: Adobe video products with 50% discount
  • Deal for owners of any Final Cut or Avid products (but it looks like it works for anyone, no checks).

    How to get discount:

    1. Click on this link

    Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium


    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

    2. Add product to the cart.

    3. Inside card enter promotion code SWITCH

    4. As result you'll get 50% discount (and only $399 price for CS 5.5!).

    Works until September 31. Terms -
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  • Offer is valid until September 30th, lots of time left which is another great news.
  • Let me add, for anyone in education like teachers and students like myself there are huge discounts at 80%!.
    So you can get a genuine hardcopy of Production Premium CS5.5 at your door for 449$

    personally, I think that's an excellent deal considering what is included even when compared to like FCPX at 300$.
    Just a reminder of what's included in Production Premium for anyone who is not aware

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
    Adobe After Effects CS5.5
    Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
    Adobe® Audition® CS5.5
    Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5
    Adobe Flash® Professional CS5.5
    Adobe Illustrator® CS5
    Adobe® OnLocation™ CS5
    Adobe Encore® CS5
    Adobe Device Central CS5.5
    Adobe Bridge CS5
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5
  • Yes, it is very good value.
    I can't imagine how many pros will switch (and Adobe specially mentioned that you can get as much as 9 packages if you are owner of other product :-) )
    So, FCP X can play good role to calm your conscience. Buy it. Get Adobe product. Get refund for FCP X :-)
  • I got CS5 for student. The promotion code doesn't work on CS 5.5 upgrade. It's still $399 :(

    No FCPX. No CS 5.5 for me. It's OK. There will be FCPX 2.0 and CS 6.
  • >The promotion code doesn't work on CS 5.5 upgrade. It's still $399 :(

    Of course. No one promised you that.
    Look at @stefanos comment. They have 80% discounts on student versions if you have proper data (Production Premium CS5.5 for 449$).

  • Yeah student discount is ridiculously low.

    Adobe doesn't allow major version upgrade for those who have student copies. Since this is a minor incremental update from 5.0 to 5.5, they allowed $399 upgrade option. So student copy becomes non-student version. Then update to 6.0 will be possible.

    Nah.. I'm not getting it. Quite happy with CS5.
  • For non-North Americans: my understanding is that outside North America, Adobe educational software isn't permitted to be used commercially. See

    So for us, the student discount is much less worthwhile.