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Movie Cloud - Virtual Film Studio?

    Love the video, especially his reaction after the woman says, "Excited!". That alone tells me he knows what he's doing.

    Though for those of you more skeptical, that link is one of my favorite bloggers talking about the idea and how similar ideas have had problems in the past, including being bought out by hollywood and never realizing the indie roots. Also how there's no real talk about exact technological underpinnings that would need to be addressed to make this a reality. the possibility of this worth $29 to you? I think I might make the pledge.

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  • Dov Simens is full of shit. He claims a lot of credit for the success of filmmakers who, maybe took his class at one time, but certainly didn't succeed because of it. What is he offering people? A USB pen with some old production docs they could probably find online. And what makes him think he's going to round up all 50,000 independent films produced each year? Ridiculous.

  • He's doing a cringeworthy impression of Lewis Black there!

  • The music is mixed way too damn loud.

  • One thing I know is that some of the best movies I've seen never made it out of the festival to distribution.

  • He looked very shifty-eyed as he read the cue cards.

    @Bueller - True, but Dov Simens isn't going to solve that problem. He doesn't even address his approach. There are other companies out there like IndieFlix that have been working on the problem for years and are actively distributing independent films and getting filmmakers paid.

  • Stay very far away from this unless you've run out of pens. Clearly an idea that has run out of money and interest.

  • @Douglashorn thanks I'm going to look into Indie Flix. I also have the feeling that this guy is a shyster just trying to get people to separate with their money.

  • @subco & @Bueller - IndieFlix is the one I know the most about and have the most faith in. I was on a film festival jury with their founder 4 or 5 years ago and have stayed in touch since. They really have their act together and are dedicated to filmmakers, unlike a number of distributors I've done deals with.