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Coastal Black Winery Short Film - 9 months of driftwood settings
  • This project was a real labor of love as it began last summer during the berry harvest. Wine pressing started in November. The winery received their own bottling machine in March 2012 - so I waited to film this part until it was all setup.

    Shot on quality 'driftwood' settings. The wine tasting shots were with Sedna AQ1, and Orion v4b. The harvesting/pressing shots were reQuainted 176 GOP1 and Spanmybitchup GOP1. Lighting was from some Lowel prolites, shop lights and a little 'Walli' light I found here on personal-view which made for a great hair light.

    The music was written by me and recorded using Logic 9.

    I hope you enjoy it. cheers

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  • Thank you for the professional production, and your detailed infos. I enjoyed it. Sorry for that winery is so far away...

  • Weri nice work!

  • Outstanding work P. You did a great job in every respect for these guys. If you ever come across my friend Dina Mande say Hi.

  • Masterful. Very interesting document. Well done mate.

  • As I said not only is the image fantastic but their is an engaging story to back it up. You really want to root for this upstart winery and can feel their passion. Well done.

  • Great Job this is well done,

    thanks for this again i am also working on one myself

  • Hey guys. I value comments here within this community quite a bit as so many here are talented in abilities, both technical and artistic. I wanted to humanize the story of this new wine start up and have it resonate with the 'underdog' in all of us. @RatLabProductions your words about 'rooting for them' - exactly what I was hoping for. @Benibube I wish you lived closed enough for a taste. : ) @Kihlian - your Weri welcome! @driftwood - thanks (points to heart) right here man.

  • some excellent work there

  • Well done now I wanna taste that wine...

  • @TrackZillas the wine is great. The owners sent me home after each shoot with a couple bottles. a nice perk.

  • Awesome work. I love everything about it.

  • Amazing!

  • Very engaging. I love it!

  • Very StillMotionesque! And they're the best (and you did this solo, I presume) Besides the great pacing, spot on cinematography and the way you obviously make the client at ease, I have some questions: I love the piano sound! Is it a live recording or a software plugin? Another thing: How is the Tamron 17-50 on the GH2? Focus throw long enough? Varifocal? Breathing? Would you use this combo on a wedding shoot?

    Top notch!!!

  • @oscillian - yes I shot everything solo accept for the wine tasting. My wife is a fantastic 2nd operator and we found some great moments from that night. The piano sound is Black Grand plug-in from sampletekk. A beautifully sampled Steinway D and a personal favorite when composing stuff. I've shot weddings with the Tamron but it was usually on a steadicam fixed at 17mm and aperture set around f5.6 or f8 for hyperfocal freedom. No, it's not varifocal but I'm mostly a prime guy so it's never bothered me too much that its not varifocal. The lens is beautifully sharp. I have the non VC version. The Tamron does have a very light and short throw when focusing with the lens barrel and you have to be careful when you take your hands off the barrel that you don't throw the focus off. The focus barrel maybe rotates 90 degrees and makes finding focus very quick if you need to. For this shoot I used the Tamron for almost all of the raspberry harvesting shots, on my A Cam for the interview (@17mm) and also used it on a monopod while Abel was opening a wine bottle and serving from behind the bar. Very versatile lens. Thanks for those compliments. cheers.

  • @pcristoph Thx for the exhaustive answer :) Much appreciated!

  • Beautiful visuals and a moving soundtrack. Best of all, you had a good script, and the direction was spot on. Cheers mate!