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How to: Step by Step GH1 hack videos.
  • Vitaliy,

    I recently bought a previously unhackable GH1, and thought it would be cool to make a couple step by step, how to hack videos. These videos are intended for first time hackers, or for newbies who have recently purchased a GH1. It is also great for professionals who need to get the most out of their GH1's.

    I have included some GH17 test footage, camera settings, shutter settings, film mode settings, custom PTool settings, a hacked GH1_136 file, and much, much more.

    Please check it out if you get the chance.


    Michael "Pixelphile" Eggert
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  • You can include videos here, just by pasting their Vimeo URL.


  • very cool instruction!
  • Thanks, Vitaliy. Keep up the great work:)
  • Thanks pixel!! These videos were very helpful!!
  • you cant buy the gh1 no more at b&h because in the review assholes talk about how good the hack is on there there website they are so many dick heads out there now they stop selling them.
  • Hello,

    Just here to tell thatI had a hackable and hacked GH1. The mem. door jammed and I'd send it in to repair by Panasonic.
    They did a repair under guarantee but... they replaced the hacked firmwarewith the unhackable version :-(

    But now i found the new- tool and it worked.

    I read about some problems with a former hackable GH1 after a repair. But again,for me, it works!

  • blackseedz,

    Seems like someone needs a hug:) You can still get them at Amazon for $449.95 I think that people who come to this website already have a GH1, or were planning on buying one anyway. If you haven't bought one yet, whose fault is it? Mine or yours?
  • I've been following the instructions EXACTLY as in the videos using the same settings, however when I record video at FHD it comes out at 13.6 Mbps! What could I be doing wrong?
  • You are probably doing nothing wrong. The data rate is based on how much movement and detail is in the scene that you are shooting. If there is little movement, or little detail, the data rate drops way down.
  • Pixelphile, so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to record these videos.
  • Would be great if there was one for GH2 starting from what you select in the ptools.

  • @pixelphile Your videos were great, and I've downloaded your firmware hack. I used it at 1080p for some low-light, low-movement shooting and it shot flawlessly. I switched to SH mode for some well lit, high-movement outdoors shooting (before I knew it was 60p) and the camera crashed at ~2:25 on a SanDisk 30mbps card. Since most of the shooting I'll do will be outdoors, would 1080p be more reliable for continuous shooting in the latter conditions, or should I consider lowering the bitrate?
  • I pretty much just use the FHD for almost everything, and only switch over to SH mode if I am going to be using it for slow motion. The higher framerate (60fps) of the SH mode, combined with a lot of movement is probably why the camera crashed. It also depends on what f stop you are using, if you are at say f11, or f16, that can cause problems since there is so much detail. But if you go to a wider f4 or f5.6, you have less things in focus and the camera can handle that better.

    Hope this helps,

    Michael "Pixelphile"

  • I think they are already present in FAQ for now.

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