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Blocky DVX100 footage when imported into PPro or AE
  • OK, so this is a bit of a blast from the past. I was trying to import some old SD footage from my trusty old DVX100 and in Premiere Pro (CS5 and 5.5) and After Effects (CS5.5) I'm getting nasty blocky artefacts, primarily in the red channel. I don't see these artefacts in VLC though. I've got the footage interpreted correctly (Progressive)... really starting to pull my hair out!

    Has anyone got any ideas?!

    VLC Still.jpg
    621 x 634 - 36K
    After Effects.JPG
    562 x 495 - 37K
    After Effects Red Channel.JPG
    599 x 511 - 41K
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  • Hmmm... I just tried a 1.5 pixel blur on the red channel in AE and now the footage looks suspiciously close to the VLC footage. It honestly makes me wonder if VLC isn't applying some kind of similar effect to my footage.

  • OK.. After some more research I'm now convinced that VLC is chroma upsampling the footage.