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Red Accouncments: Dragon 6K for $6000, 4K projector, OLED viewfinder
  • Red Dragon 6K for $6000 upgrade to Epic, Scarlet TBD

    They absolutely lift the bar when it comes to camera upgrades. 6K resolution, 15+ stops DR, 120FPS at 5K coming to Epic in 2012

    You have to admit, nobody else treats their customers as well with this kind of brand loyalty.

    Bravo Red...

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  • Impressive, but what is the point of 5k and 6k? The DR is nice, but is there even a 5k monitor or projector? No?

  • bullshit again pakinng more resolution for safety future, 8k is next, as @disneytoy said are there any 6k monitor, proyector, dont think so, and if there is one it costs more than 6k for 6k, an stupid upgrade, only dynamic range is usable, 4k and full hd with 15 stops is quiet impresive. "another future ready uprade for consumer who dont need it"

  • the BIG feature here is they actually give you an OPTION to upgrade, for Epics and Scarlets, unlike most other manufacturers, and at a fairly cheap price at that. If you don't need it, don't upgrade- some people still like the Red One -MX after all.

    I also expect the possibility of up-rezzing 6K to 8K at future dates with decent results.

    So, I have never got a decent credit from a manufacturer for buying a new body from them or the option to upgrade the sensor...

    ... and Red is not done with their announcements yet, I'm sure they got 8K+ in new bodies somewhere lying around...

  • Well, with a Bayer pattern sensor 4K is not 4K and it's debatable if 5K is. So, 6K is definitely true 4K rez.

    They need to compete with the F65, which Sony claims to be 8K - ridiculous, since it uses 17 mpx of it's 20 for imaging. When did Sony ever give their F23 or F35 clients, who shelled out a quarter million, an option to upgrade?

    But maybe this is not a discussion which belongs in this forum…

  • They also announced new SSDs

    512GB TURBO SSD - Data Rate almost double current media. Take advantage of Epic's higher Frame rates at a lower compression. Priced to match. A lot of Epic user's dream..

    32GB Lower Cost SSD - Data Rate almost half current media. Matched to Scarlet's top speed. Priced to match. A lot of Scarlet user's dream..


  • The new 32GB looks perfect. I'm glad they lowered the price for Scarlet users. I can see getting a couple of those over another 64GB

  • They also introduced laser 3D capable 4K projector (and player):


    600 x 400 - 57K
  • The projector is a big deal... It will revolutionize that industry.

    • Laser + 4k
  • Yep, and it uses passive 3D tech, so cheap existing glasses (and much higher brightness, btw).

    I just have bug doubts about "This year".

    I think 4K has it's chance in consumer market, as it is ideal tech for passive 3D technology.

  • What is the saying? "Change- count on it..." enough said...

  • I don't have doubts about not shipping this year.. it's going to ship at the very end of 2012.

  • OLED viewfinder

    Contrast Ratio dramatically improved

    • Black uniformity near 100%
    • White uniformity near 100%
    • Power Consumption reduced by almost 75%.... yes 75%
    • Operating Range improved to -46C to 70C ( compared to -10C to 50C of original Bomb EVF

    OLED BOMB EVF - $3900 - In Stock Tomorrow.

    OBSOLESCE OBSOLETE- Upgrade your existing BOMB EVF - $1200


    812 x 608 - 88K
  • I think the increase in dynamic range is worth the upgrade price alone. 15 stops native and it's likely that you can keep using HDRx with it. If this turns out to be more than marketing, it will exceed the Alexa's lattitude natively (which it now can only do with HDRx) at the same time as they continue to increase slow-motion options.

    I see these announcements as being just as big a deal for the higher end as the FS700 and Blackmagic Cinema camera are for the sub $10,000 market. And keep in mind, the upgrade price for an Epic own is similar to difference between a GH2 and an EOS-1D X or D4 (and in the latter case, the difference in RAW dynamic range is similar as well). Except that it comes with a bump in resolution and frame rate.

    I think given what a big deal people have been making about the pricing of other products, there should be more noise about this than there is. But to each their own. :)

  • for those complaining about not needing extra resolution, here's one more perk in the next firmware coming to Epic/Scarlet the next couple of weeks:

    "the first build where we turn on the Gyro and Accelerometers that have been sitting in the camera patiently "

    Crazy good stuff they've got going on in that metadata ...

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