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GH2 focus assist with manual glass
  • I would buy the Samyang 35 1.4, and I wonder if the GH2 and this optical manual, continue to operate the digital zoom on the monitor for a correct focus or do I absolutely need an external monitor?

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  • I don't know if I understood the question correctly. I assume you are asking if Live view digital zoom is sufficient to achieve critical manual focus on GH2. I have GH1 and the Samyang 85mm, the Focus Assist zoom is good enough in most conditions. In overly bright daylight, I have difficult verifying the focus as GH1 LCD is not good enough to be used in bright light. Not sure about GH2 though.

    With some practice, I am slowly becoming adept at focus pulling in video mode as well using the lens zoom ring alone and this is in spite of the fact that digital zoom is not available while video recording. This of course involves some distance calculation in mind as subject moves in and out and is not 100% fool proof. The results so far are better than the slow AF of the panny 20mm :)

    My biggest worry when buying the Samyang was about the manual focus part and it has mostly been a non-issue.

  • My question was really about the possibility of GH2 to activate the digital zoom when optical and manual included. My only doubt was that it was the prerogative of the Lumix lenses and not activated with manual lenses. Thanks for the reply.

  • Im having trouble understanding what you mean, but I think you are asking if its difficult to focus without an automatic activating of the zoom window. In short yes, however you can map a shortcut button to activate "zoom" on the lcd much like the automatic electronic version.

  • I carry around this on my phone:

    I find that actually working out the depth of field of the shot and focus pulling from that gives me a more reliable result.

  • GH2 + adapter (allowing for AF fuctionality) + Sigma 30 1.4

    I am having trouble activating the MF ASSIST function (that is magnifying the picture 5x or 10x) for focusing purpouses.

    Acording to user manual It is displayed by rotating the focus ring (not working for me with this lens) or touching the screen (this way I can position the area that I want to magnify, but not actually magnify it) It can also be displayed by pressing and holding the [Q.MENU] button (the same result as touching the screen)

    figured it out, enabling MF ASSIST in any of the above mentioned ways, AND THEN pressing the thumb wheel magnifies the picture

  • but can you do anything to avoid slightly out of focus on, say, a Tokina 11-16 on a wedding party, on glidecam, and having the subjects that are close enough to be able to get out of focus just enough to be a bit disappointing? I now have lot of material that could be a bit sharper, staying at the same distance from them, but the lcd just makes it hard enough to be able to correctly judge. even if on a wide lens like that, you can't get that far out, it it instantly visible when you do get the correct focus for a moment. a zebra or green would be so cool. is there any hack or solution, whatever that is not a smallhd 7" on a glidecam? :)

  • sorry, can't = can

  • this is for example, nice enough.