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Best stable Hack for GH2
  • Hi guys, I'm new here. :) So forgive me , my ignorence.. ;) I ordered a GH2. Because I'm slightle disappointed in what I saw from the new 5D MKIII and D800. They are good for stills, but disappoint still with video. Tested the Canon C300, which does great with my Leica R lenses. But for the moment it's to expensive for me. And to many new models are and will come out this year. So for the moment a GH2 and for the rest, I will invest in more lenses, Follow Focus MatteBox etc... For many projects we rent equipment anyway. It seems the GH2 is better than all the other stills cameras around. My question... it seems, that the allready great GH2 for the price, can get better with a hack and a Patch.. But it seems, that there are allready about a millon different patches around. It drives me nuts.. ;)
    But I'm shure somebody can tell me, which one is the best at this moment. My wishes..

    Stable !!! Suppose, I will do a payed gig with it. I need to have some reliable camera. Playback in camera. Would be nice if it works with 25P, 50P and 24P.

    Allso it would be nice if I can use the ETC.

    Maybe some of my questios are silly.. I'm sorry for that. Cheers, Arie.

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