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gh2 pal vs ntsc and where to buy
  • I'm coming round to the idea of getting the GH2, lowest price in aus I can find is around $1200AUD (roughly on parity with USD). This is the most widely priced camera I've ever looked at: I've seen it as low as $600 to $2000 body only.

    With the hack, do I need a PAL version (i'd planned to shoot at 25/50p)?

    I can get it for about $1200 on ebay from HK with the 14-140.

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  • The hack will allow you to switch the camera between PAL and NTCS as you please.

  • I got mine from B&H Video in NYC for $1100 14-140mm lens kit...$1200 is still a good deal as long as it includes the 14-140mm lens kit.

  • thanks! is that 14-140 kit lens worth getting?