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Trusmt View finder
  • This view finder looks good for GH1/2

    Anyone tired it?
    I contact the seller and they don't know, they don't have GH2.


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  • I have one of these and use it on a Canon 60D. I took a huge gamble on it because I really didn't know if it would fit given the 60Ds swivel screen. Since I was able to get it for $110 shipped to Canada I took the plunge. Trusmt delivered super fast - I got the item in about 4 days. It was extremely well-packed and my initial impressions out of the box were super positive. The viewfinder is a REALLY solid build and is nicely crafted.

    As to whether it fit... Well, I was delighted to find that it fit perfectly. It's a snug fit for sure but not so snug that's pressing down and causing damage. There are zero light leaks on it. The Viewfinder has good magnification and I was able to use it on my cheap cowboy studios rig. I wear glasses and have found that the eyepiece is a good enough size that even with my glasses on I can still use it fine.

    My only issues with the viewfinder are super minimal. The rubber that surrounds the edge of the viewfinder (the piece that surrounds the edge of your LCD screen) could be a little tighter - it falls off quite easily. The only other thing is be careful when you unpack the box! I thought I was missing the tiny screws that connect the bottom plate but it turns out they were deeply embedded in the packing foam which I almost threw out!

    Communication with Trusmt was smooth and easy and I have no hesitation ordering anything from them again. Overseas guys like Proaim could learn a lot from them!

  • You are wasting your time with LCD VF attachments; the resolution from the EVF in the GH2 is much higher than the LCD.
  • Ptchaw: The built in EVF is ok in the gh2, but you don't get the magnification of a viewfinder for the LCD. Helpful for some things.
  • @RRRR It's not as maginified, but the resolution is so low it's really not worth it. Save your money and buy an external VF/monitor if you don't find the GH2's EVF sufficient.
  • @Ptchaw: Well, I just got a very cheap viewfinder for nex5n. I haven't found a similar one for the gh2 but I would for sure get one if I could. It would help for focusing accurately. I won't trust an external monitor on a gh2 shoot until I'm sure it won't make the camera record 50i.. when plugged in.
    Also, there are benefits when you want to keep the rig light (and nail the focus).
  • Pricier, but is swivels and takes advantage of the swivel screen itself.
    Have not tried... yet
  • @RRRR I've used an LCDFV on the GH2 and the detail was so poor it was impossible to tell if the focus was dead on; you can definitely focus more easily/accurately with the EVF. As for the 5n, the EVF is exceptional, much better than the GH2.
  • @Ptchaw: well, you are definately right about that (the 5n screen being good). I wouldn't mind giving it a go on a gh2 for 20 or so dollars, though!
  • I agree to an extent that an LCDVF is not that great for focusing but it is a viable entry option for those starting out who do not want to have to wait months to save up for a $700+ EVF like the DP4. However, I think some of you are missing the point with viewfinders - It's not all about focus. It's about immersing yourself in the image and eliminating distracting, peripheral details. It also makes operating much easier and gives you more creative flexibility. Do you ever see pro operators (both in high-end broadcast video cameras and high-end film cameras on Hollywood productions) composing their shots and operating their cameras via a monitor? Nope.

    In the pro world monitors are so every one other than the operator can see the shot. Camera operators, like Luke Skywalker strive to "be one with The Force"! :)
  • @mythmakerI
    agreed. Even though I own a nice TV-logic monitor, I always like to shoot with the viewfinder. It's difficult to explain but you feel attached to the subject matter.

    @Ptchaw is right, the LCDVF doesn't work with the lower resolution screen of the GH2. I have used it before and It's really difficult to focus, not a good match. I have given up hope looking for a good viewfinder for GH2 because of it's low res lcd screen. The GH2 EVF is very good but really uncomfortable for the eye for longer shoot. I'm planning to buy a EVF soon, but still evaluating between the Zacuto, Smallhd DP4 and the soon to be launched LCDVF EVF.

  • Actually lots and lots and lots of pros compose with monitors. It's the best way, far better than the tiny LCD on the gh2. And operators aren't even the ones who compose shots.