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Using GH2 with non-Panasonic AC adapter
  • Hey all, new guy here.

    Has anyone used the GH2 with a non-Panasonic ac adapter? I'm trying to figure out what the polarity of the dc coupler is before I connect it to the ac adapter that I've bought (one can choose whether to use a positive or negative tip polarity on the ac adapter). I can't see any markings on the body of the camera or the dc coupler which clarifies this.

    Does anyone know how to figure this out? I'm still waiting for the battery to charge but I'm anxious to try this camera out.
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  • Wow - I'd say that's a brave thing to try on an expensive camera!!
  • That's why I'm holding off using it until I get some clarification. I just charged the battery so Ill stick with that until I know it's safe to use the adapter. I'm surprised as how bad the GH2 manual is. It's pretty vague and some key bits of information have been left out altogether. At any rate, if anyone can clarify the tip polarity issue of the dc coupler, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  • Get measurement tool and measure correct polarity.
    On DC coupler you'll see + and - signs on camera side contacts, attach power brick and check that + is indeed +.

    Woodblock. 9V 1500mah dc adapter. I built it for about $35 including the overpriced AC adapter. If you look in one of your drawers you prolly have a similar adapter and can build an ac adapter for less than $5.