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Problem with GF1+Olym 14-42mk2
  • Regarding to my title, my GF1+Olym 14-42mk2, said " please check the status of a lens " and then saw "please check that the lens is attached correctly" when zoom approximately to 30-42, in 14-30 it ok. My GF1 (fimware 1.2) already hacked, Can someone help me here?

    Thanks & regards,

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  • Make sure your lens is connected properly and makes a clicking sound when you attach it.

    If it doesn't help, then try changing shoot w/o lens in custom menu to on.

  • I believe this is a glitch that affects many Panasonics due to poor bayonet fit of the lens, lens movement causes the camera contacts to lose contact with the lens. This has happened to my GF1, GH1 and GF3 even though "shoot w/o lens" is set on all of them. I just re-tighten and keep shooting.

  • i has attached my gf1+oly mk2 with clicking and precision eventhough "shoot w/o lens" is set on/ off all of them. and still said same comment. The matter is when zoom it on 30-42mm. Can somebody help me?

  • @kool, try your lens with another body to make sure the lens it self works, is not faulty ...

  • @kool as @feha said it could very well be an issue with the lens.

    You could also trying mounting the camera on a tripod and while zooming - hold the lens chasis with one hand to make sure it doesn't loses the connection. If it works then you know where the problem is.

    Good luck