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Good quote: Zinoviev on US role
  • What is America? Have you ever been to America? ..... A new social structure has emerged, which did not exist before, this is a super-society. This is a super-society, it has a complex structure, it controls more than 70% of the world's resources, it completely controls it. It controls all the major evolutionary lines, they are the masters of the world, you understand? Everything depends on them. They determine the course of evolution. That's the horror. And this is a super society, it is very strong, it is relatively young, it has recently appeared, it is seizing power, it has seized as long as it is able to retain the achievements of the planet for the next many decades.

    ... But in general, globalization is the establishment of a world empire, headed by a Western supersociety, that is, a supersociety whose main institutions are based in the United States, where the metropolis is.

    A. Zinoviev

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  • Do you know when did he predicted this?