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Automator App to rename .MTS and generate .THM files for 5DtoRGB
  • Hi everyone

    I had some workflow troubles because the .MTS files often have identical names and there is no timecode in the Quicktimes when I generate them with 5DtoRGB.

    I wrote a short Automator app, which adds the creation time to the .MTS filename and generates a .THM file with the creation date and time as EXIF data.

    For it to work you need ExifTool:

    And the file template.THM has to be in /Applications/THM creator/

    When you convert these files with 5DtoRGB (Batch) it will add timecode to the Quicktimes.

    Feel free to use it or change and improve it if you have more ideas. For example I wanted to create the .THM file as a real thumbnail from the .MTS. But didn't manage. Will be very useful for me as I'll not run into the annoying situation anymore when there are files with identical names and timecodes. Hopefully it is useful for some of you, too.


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  • Nice! I'll test this out later.

  • This works great. I installed ExifTool and added the part that creates the .THM file from your Automator workflow to my "5DtoRGB copy and prep" Automator app.

  • @brian202020 can you upload your updated automator app?

  • Yes, I'll upload soon.

  • @simonstar66

    Do you know a lot about Automator? I want to have my 5DtoRGB copy and prep Automator app launch my modified Python 5DtoRGB batch script. I know very little about scripting and so far haven't been able to do a "Run Shell Script" in Automator. I have to have the app do a search for it in spotlight and then run it. I'd like to have it self contained like you did for making the .THM files.

  • Hi I'm not a big Automator expert. Mostly copy paste from examples. You could try to launch it with the Do Shell Script command. To get the correct UNIX path you best drag the app to Terminal and copy the generated path to Automator. There is also an option to run Phyton in the Do Shell Script command. Maybe you could copy just the whole script into Automator. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • im sorry to sound stupid (sorry because in fact I am) but all this jargon goes over my head.... in absolute idiots terms how do i make this work??? !!!! (i understand the principle .... get those pesky mts to be named properly ..... great!!!! but how do i actually ? just download exif tool and run thm creator renamer using automator? then what .... ? i have a complicated looking screen staring back at me....