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GH2 autoexposure
  • hi folks, just researching the GH2. Currently have 7d. Do a lot of quick and dirty video walkthroughs where I literally walk through, so constantly dealing with drastic lighting changes. 7d does a reasonable job - I set the exposure to auto and overexpose by a stop - this is usually enough to make up for the windows being in the frame. The only problem is that it will smoothly change the shutter speed and the iso at a fixed aperture, when it changes the aperture the video jumps (although I have just this minute figured out I can decouple the lens to avoid this - doh). Just wondering

    1. how the GH2 performs in these conditions (extreme contrast, auto exposure)
    2. 720p 50fps - any issues I should be aware of? (I shoot all the real estate stuff at 720 so I can do a little slo mo when needed). For instance does it play nice with premiere pro 5?


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  • Nobody here uses autoexposure? (I'm itching to get my hands on a camera that shoots decent video, I've never liked the look of the 7ds video, but it's got to take care of the bread and butter too)

  • You are right I never have gived a try to autoexposure. Only all completely manual, I also only have the leica 25mm from Panny all other old FD lens.. For extreme contrast the Sedna matrix is wery good, seems to have a gradual ND when shoting landscapes. For the second question I only shoot now in 720 50p has the same sharpness that 25p no jerk problems. With PP5 no problems at all.

  • I'm a manual only dude.

  • thanks chaps, yeah I figured after posting that most filmmaker folks wouldn't take it off manual. Of course if anyway is prepared to flick it on auto and walk from sunshine into a room, i'd be forever grateful. No pressure ;)

  • You have aperture priority, shutter priority, manual or full auto exposure modes on the GH2. You can use auto ISO in the priority/full auto modes, or manually force the ISO. Seems pretty decent when I tried it, and the changing of shutter/ISO is very smooth.

    Some of Panasonics lenses are 'HD' lenses, with a stepless aperture, so it can smoothly open and close the aperture without jumping. The HD lenses are:

    LUMIX G 14mm / F2.5 ASPH. (H-H014)
    LUMIX G VARIO 14-42mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. (H-FS014042)
    LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm / F3.5 (H-F008)
    LUMIX G VARIO 100-300mm / F4.0-5.6 / MEGA O.I.S. (H-FS100300)
    LUMIX G VARIO 7-14mm / F4.0 ASPH. (H-F007014)
    LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. (H-FS014045)
    LUMIX G VARIO 45-200mm / F4.0-5.6 / MEGA O.I.S. (H-FS045200)

    Any other lenses change aperture in steps, though will be fine in aperture priority/manual.

  • awsome info thanks PT! I had my eye on the 7-14, but I know its expensive. does that mean that the olympus 9-18 would not have the stepless aperture? Ho Hum. Maybe the nex cameras have stepless aperture?

    it also makes me wonder if I'm better saving the $2000 AU dollars and putting it towards the D800 - I see its got stepless aperture too. Thats a bit of a longer term prospect, though. THEN the question becomes whether the d800 files can be edited directly in PPcs5

  • Unfortunately none of Olympus' Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds lenses are stepless. Sony say their lenses have 'Smooth, quiet, high-speed autofocus and aperture adjustment: ideal for still and HD movie shooting'.

  • good to know - thanks again (although having played with the nex5 cant say I love the video it produces - still seems very "videoy").

  • @Ptchaw: I'm not so sure about that list of yours... 14-140 should definitely be on it, and I'm guessing at the very least, the 14-45 (which was developed for the non-video-capable G1) should probably not be.

  • @KeithLommel Apologies, you are right! I took the list from Must be a mistake by Panasonic.

  • @Ptchaw @KeithLommel The 14-140 does not behave as a stepless lens in auto exposure movie mode. Having just put it on my steadicam for a test with my new GH2 I am surprised and disappointed. Looks like at least 1/3 stop increments or "stutters". Need to test more. I am running firmware 1.1 with EOSHD 44Mds Vanilla patch

    Also this observation from another forum: "Annoyingly, it will also do this when you are zooming in or out, even if you are in manual mode and stopped down to 5.6 or more." If true, this is photometriacally bizarre!

    Are these 14-140 lens behaviours on the hack "wish list"? Surprised to see very little mention of this subject in this and other forums.

  • I would suggest investing in new "X" lenses with fixed aperture zoom... (+ you get remote zooming etc)...

  • Found this comment from @balazer ... "If you have the Lumix 14-140 lens, you can use P mode (auto shutter and auto aperture) and get very smooth changes in exposure." Source:

    Is this a generally preferred mode for stepless auto-exposure?