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Good quote: On EU love towards Russia
  • Europe doesn't like us all the time, it can't even stand us. We have never aroused sympathy in Europe, and she, if possible, has always taken up arms against us. She could not but recognize only one thing: our strength...


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  • “The peoples of Europe have no idea how dear they are to us. I believe we, future Russians … will comprehend that to become a genuine Russian means to seek finally to reconcile all European controversies, to show the solution of European anguish in our all-humanitarian and all-unifying Russian soul, and to embrace in it with brotherly love all our brethren and finally, perhaps, to utter the ultimate word of great, universal harmony, of the brotherly accord of all nations abiding by the law of Christ’s Gospel.” Dostoevsky

  • Fyodor being canceled as we speak in the West. When they come for my Tarkovsky films I'll fight to the death.

  • I'm very sorry for all the shit ukrainian and mordor people have to deal with at the moment (armed conflicts, sanctions). It's sad to see that the very few people initiating this are staying as usual far away from the frontlines and people not willingly involved are suffering the most.

    I think i get a bit about the motivation of the sanctions (of course it's about pressure) but don't agree at all with these, especially considering the main targets. I doubt that the average russian guy wants to wage war and think that these guys are the people mostly hit by the sanctions.

    I don't think that further isolation by cutting access to communication means (online platforms etc), restricting exchange between mordor and europe will do any good.

    I appreciate you hosting this forum for having a platform for global exchange.

    All the best from Germany!

    Edit: added comma and clarification in "means" - was mit clear before

  • @Monosapiens

    Most horrible is that this approach forms racism in all developed countries, and this is not random.

    Ruling class will use it during next steps.

  • I agree and i am affraid of the long term effects this might cause.