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Edelkrone FocusONE

    Seems like a new take on the subject.

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  • Is this a standard 0.8 gear or something of their own? Unfortunately their focus gears are really pricey.


    They keep on adding stuff. Now with animation. Slick!

  • mmmmm pretty, looks better then my trusmt ff =)

  • Preorder for $199 not bad

  • It seemed to me they were implying this was a friction follow focus...? Maybe it was just an animation thing they didn't add gears.

  • Yep, it looks like friction in the animation. It might be a dual system that can do both friction and gears?

  • Gears look to be 0.8 and made of alu and rubber to cut to size - priced at $40-00 or $100-00 for 3

  • I ordered the monitor mount and umming and ahhing over wether I really do need the Pocket Rig - looks great though - how long are the rails - I assume as the unit is 14cm wide they're 2x6 inches? Already have a stubby rig for FF ... must spend lol

  • After a 2 week+ delay, my FocusOne shipped out from Ankarra yesterday - should arrive in Shanghai by tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted with my thoughts. If anything the customer service has been excellent as they were very good about putting it on priority status - after my daily badgering :-)

  • @jasonp

    Did yours ship out yet?

  • I like the look of it a lot and that seems to go towards ease of single operator (no focus puller) use. However, it seems that two points of contact to the rods would really be beneficial for solid contact...

  • What are the lens gears like ? Are they a fixed size ? Ta for the pics

  • Ahh nice not seen those before, cheers.

  • @jasonp

    Thanks for the pics and the quick update - mine is out for delivery today. Its a shame about the defect - Mert told me the delays were because of testing and QC issues - hope they weren't rushed out. How solid is it on the rod?

  • Hey jasonp, just curious as to what was wrong with your unit; Received mine yesterday and right off the bat there was something very large loose in the focus knob(of which I'm guessing can only be accessed by removing the Edelkrone logo). In any case, the gears slip and there's no control whatsoever over a large portion of it. Customer service has been great and I've been very impressed with their Modula5, so this was something of a downer, considering I pre-ordered the FocusOne in March and was hoping to use this on a project this weekend. E-mailed Mert with a link to a video highlighting the issue and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but in the end I may just look into getting the Letus or Cinevate FF because I need something like yesterday and can't wait until sometime in June for the next batch if they're completely out of stock and can't ship a replacement.

  • Thanks jasonp, now that you mention it, I've got some misalignment as well. The gears on the lens are fine, in fact they kind of remind me of the Zacuto gears, but I meant a gear in the gearbox either broke off or came out of alignment because I can turn the focus knob, but nothing will happen on the business side with the focusing disc, however the gears do "catch" at some point, but in its current state the FF is unusable and the backlash now measured in the inches not mm.

    I didn't know that the logo could be detached(I'll have to take a look at it when I get home) but yes I understood that the side of the focus knob spins, it's just that something in is rattling around in there and I could only assume the only way to get in there would be to remove the logo somehow.

  • A little unsure as to what you mean when you said you can "clip" off the exterior side part with the logo; Just by looking at it, it looks like that part is recessed under the edge of the outer housing and I've tried fitting a plastic wedge under there to see if I could pop it out and off.

  • Got mine a couple of days ago and so far so good, no major hiccups. The only thing is the marking disk was loose and kept falling off - nothing a strip of teflon couldn't fix. The attachment to one rod is fairly sturdy for light use but it has shifted a couple of times. Overall build quality is good the unit is fairly ligjt and goes great with the Pocket Rig and Handstrap. Got the gears too and yes they are like the Zacuto ones. For the preorder price of $199 I would say I'm happy with it. The guys at Edelkrone are great and they will continue to refine it like they have everything else. Been using it with the 5D3 haven't used with GH2 yet.

  • Okay managed to get the outer disc out, and indeed it was the two weights inside that had become unglued and were rattling around in there. Put some Loctite glue on them and they seem to be okay. Knob is indeed misaligned and I was able to separate it from the rest of the unit. When I inserted the knob and gear back in, I was able to get a snug fit and it seems like it all is well; however if the knob encounters a sticky spot on the focus ring or that particular focus ring in general is a little difficult to turn, the gears connected to the knob separates from contact with the gears in the housing and at that point I've got a free wheeling focus knob. I still sent them a video outlining my issues, but I'll wait and see whether I'll keep this or not.

  • Well, 6 weeks after the first batch ships they already come out with this...

    Reversible gear and whip/crank port.

    Totally suckage for us sucker early adopters!

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  • Yeah heard from Mert they were releasing a revision and saw a post with those renderings and a review from someone who received one. It does indeed suck for early adopters; I probably wouldn't use a speed crank or whip but I can see how that port probably should have been in there in the first place; I don't own any Nikon lenses to use the reversible gearbox, but I just hope the FocusPro that was shipped out today is a functioning unit.

  • I think they may offer a discounted voucher for early adopters to purchase the new model - just email Mert . Since it's on backorder, the voucher + backorder price maybe be worth it to some. My original version works pretty well so I won't be upgrading right now.

  • @jasonp

    I pretty much feel the same way - it goes quite well with the pocket rig. I was offered a 50% coupon to buy the new one, but I used it on the EVF holder instead :-)

  • is it stable enough with only one clamp at the rod? After 3 months: would you buy it gain?

  • @peaceonearth

    It's surprisingly stable. It is a good piece of gear. I would buy it again.

    (I am talking about the Pro version, not the first version).