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$60 LCD Viewfinder with Diopter & Flip up Review Video

  • $60 LCD Viewfinder with diopter & flip up Review from Darren Levine on Vimeo.

    Overall a great find, if the construction holds up it's a winner.

    The flip up design is what really sold me on this vs competitors, i don't really need a diopter but still it's nice to have. and the optics look quite good along with edge to edge view-ability of the LCD. You will get fogging but as you can see i poked a hole at the bottom to help with air circulation. I will likely just buy some anti fog spray to seal the issue.

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  • @imdjay

    Thanks for posting, Darren.

    Two things.
    Add http://www before the links (so they'll be converted).
    Second use simple vimeo URL to embed vimeo video, you do not need to paste embed code.
  • theres obviously no way to use this on GH2 without glueing something on, is there?
  • gotcha, no embed is lovely.

    and not sure about the gh2, have other VFs been attached to it?