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Good quotes: Biden is mentally retarded
  • China, like Russia, “did not attend” the climate summit, although they are world leaders.

    It's the same with Putin in Russia. His tundra is on fire. His tundra is literally on fire. He has very serious problems with the climate, but he is silent about the desire to do anything

    Joe Biden

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  • Usual political manipulation of information.. I don't see the connection with menta retard

  • @jazzroy

    An unseasonably rare forest fire has engulfed the Russian tundra as the country faces significant changes from climate change, Interfax reported Wednesday.

    Some 360 hectares are burning despite below-zero temperatures in the Magadan region some 10,000 kilometers east of Moscow.

    And it does not look like forest fire at all


    Also country is NOT facing significant changes from climate change. It is bullshit.

    Even if we agree with the US position on climate - Russia will be biggest beneficiary, so for us fighting with it is little strange.

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