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Good quote: Gorky on exploitation
  • It is high time to understand that the source of all evil and grief, all misfortunes and deformities of life, this source is the greed of an insignificant minority of people who have gone wild, mad with a thirst for accumulation of money and lawlessly, senselessly command the life of the working majority, wasting its forces, destroying the treasures of the earth that belong to you ... The bourgeois press is an obedient instrument of the bourgeoisie, bourgeois journalists are bought people; they cannot tell the truth, and if they wanted to tell it, the owners of the newspapers will throw the journalists out into the street, just as the manufacturers will throw you out.

    Stupidity is an ugliness of reason, brought up and brought up artificially by means of pressure on reason by religion, by the church — the most difficult weapon of all that the bourgeois state is armed with to tame the masses of the workers. This is irrefutable, and I do not regret in the least that on this occasion none of the clever people is able to say a “new word”. A foolish person is absolutely essential for the "beautiful life" of the bourgeoisie. He is good because he is extremely convenient for the exploitation of his physical strength. It is precisely on the basis of the stupidity of the working masses that the rule of the world philistinism is rooted. The bourgeois system of educating the masses is a system of fabricating fools.

    (c) Maxim Gorky