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SHIFTING-Feature documentary shot with GH2
  • PTool v3.64, Orion, Canon 5dmk3, digital Bolex...leave for a few weeks and look what happens. Anyway back from Antarctica, first film I've made completely on my own. The GH2 worked great, loaded with LPowell's flo-motion, CBrandin's 66m, Driftwood's Quantum v9b and GH13timelapser. Used flo-motion for steadicam, CBrandin for interviews and Driftwood Quantum v9b for beauty shots, but running and gunning had me using them all for different situations.

    I'll load up more later but for now here's a penguin.

    Thanks to Vitaliy and everyone on this site for making it possible for us all to go out and shoot quality stuff that will hopefully reflect well the efforts and sense of community that you can find only here.

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  • Wow...

  • Great work, waiting for the complete documentary :-)

  • Hacked GH2 in Antarctica...awesome. Looks great, can't wait to see more.

  • Really nice looking image Lincoln! Poor cautious penguin :D

  • @lumina Is that you Stu?

    Just some more info. on the equipment used for the shoot:

    Lenses: Panasonic 14-42mm, Nikon 35-70mm Ai 3.3 zoom, Vivitar 200mm 3.5, Nikon 50mm 1.4 Steadicam JR/Ruige 4.8" monitor/312A LED/Sennheiser 416 12T/Audio Technics ATR3350 lavalier/Marantz PMD 660 with modified pre-amps/monopod/Gitzo photo tripod/Cavision rails/Sandisk 32g/Transcend 16gb/

  • Here's a quick teaser I put together to show my students. Some shots lightly graded.

  • Awesome stuff! Love the shot of the seal? underwater among other things!

  • No Lincoln 11. This is Stu hehe. C u Friday mate.

  • Love it. Keep us abreast, please.

  • @Lincoln11 No, sorry not Stu, I'm Pete & won't see you Friday!

    Great looking shots, and must have been a great experience. I recently took a couple of GH2's off to shoot some footage for a doco i'm trying to create. Was my first real shooting experience with the GH2's and took driftwood's V2 Rocket with me which was hot off the press then. Had a lot of fun and the images look like they've come up great but haven't had time to really go through them yet.

    Good luck with your film!

  • Amazing!

  • Should be completed by the summer. I'll be putting excerpts up until I do. No color correction or mix, just the cut.